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To go with the range of brand new hooks, Nash have further exploited the expertise of Pinpoint to produce a range of hook sharpening equipment and accessories. Despite the Pinpoint hooks being incredibly sharp straight out of the packet, nothing beats a hand sharpened point. Also, on venues where you receive plenty of bites you may wish to carry on using a hook for several fish before changing it. By using a hook file to touch up the point, you can ensure it stays in tip top condition.

     There are two files in the range: Precision Dual Diamond File and Precision Finishing File. The Diamond File features a double-sided file with both a coarse 400 grade side and a smoother 600 grade on the reverse. This type of file is ideal for starting off when sharpening a hook. It removes a lot of metal in a single stroke though, so care must be taken to not overdo it. The Finishing File is, as the name suggests, the tool to use once you are happy with a sharpened point. This file ensures the sharpened area is made as smooth as possible to allow easy penetration into a carp’s mouth.

     Another important tool in the Pinpoint range is the Precision Sharpening Vice. A secure vice is very useful for sharpening hooks as it helps keep the hook locked in place while you work a file along it. By not using one, the risk of slipping is massively increased and can lead to a blunt, wasted hook. The Nash Sharpening Vice secures around the centre and so can be used across your palm or between your knees. It offers great control and is a very useful addition to the range.

     As well as the expected files and vice, the Pinpoint range also includes a few neat accessories to help make sharpening hooks as easy as possible. The first is the LED Eye Glass which uses a 40 times magnification glass. When combined with a white LED light, this helps spot imperfections in a sharpened hook and ensures you are sharpening your hooks properly. A set of low odour acid free permanent markers in a variety of colours are also included in he range. These pens are perfect for colouring in the point of a sharpened hook. As once the anti-glare coating is removed, the hooks become shiny and could be spotted by a wary carp. The Pens are supplied in packs of three in green, brown and black, so you should be able to match them to the colour of any lakebed. Finally, Nash have also included a pot of Point Protection Grease. Although it might sound insignificant, this odour and taste free grease helps preserve a sharpened point. As a sharpened point it left uncoated, the hook becomes prone to corrosion, however by simply applying a small amount of Point Protection Grease it will stay in perfect condition.

     The whole range is available as separate items ranging from £4.99 to £22.99. There is also a Precision Sharpening Kit available which includes: a Precision Double Diamond File, LED Eye Glass, Sharpening Vice and a set of Finishing Files. This is supplied in a neat EVA zipped box for £49.99 and offers a saving on the separate items.

Mick Clifford