When Gardner first announced the CVR hooks they caused quite a stir on social media. This was surely down to the unique extended curve, which comes around almost level with the point. The shape creates a strong hook hold without affecting the hook’s gape. Due to the shape, the wire gauge has been beefed up to ensure the CVRs won’t bend out or snap when put under tension. The CVRs are incredibly sharp, which combined with the 20° in-turned eye makes them very difficult for a carp to eject. A dull PTFE coating is used to help prevent corrosion and improve the hook’s camouflage on the bottom. The curved shape lends the CVRs to Ronnie or 360 rigs, however they can be highly effective fished as a blowback rig with a bottom bait. The hooks come in a nifty plastic box and are available in both barbed and barbless varieties. Due to the shape of the hook, the barbless versions keep hold very well and are an ideal choice on barbless-only venues. Size wise, CVR Riggas are available in a 10 right up to a 2, however size 2 hooks are only available in barbed.

Mick Clifford