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A range of bait that can be used throughout the year is a fantastic edge to have as an angler. Using the same bait all year helps build the carp’s confidence and your own, rather than flitting between baits suited to particular seasons. The Supa Fruit range from DT Baits is perfect for year round use. It contains high levels of attraction without the addition of too much fat which tends to lock baits up in colder water.

     The Supa Fruit flavour comes through a combination of sweet fruity flavours as well as a dairy undertone. This mixture makes for a highly desirable smell and taste, perfect for use in both warm and cold water conditions. When combined with the mixture of high quality milk proteins and tiger nut meal, you can see why the Supa Fruit range is so widely used.

     The boilies themselves are available in 15mm and 18mm as both frozen and shelf life baits. Bulk deals can be purchased too on 10kg bags which include free pop-ups. As far as ancillary products go though, DT Baits have it all covered. Matching pop-ups are available in both natural colour as well as washed-out options in both mixed and pink varieties. The pop-ups themselves are made using super buoyant base mix and are combined with the exact same attractor package as the bottom baits. Perhaps the most prominent and interesting ancillary product, aside from the usual pellets and stick mix, is the matching DNA Liquid. This thick, viscous liquid can be used to boost the attraction in your Supa Fruit hookbaits. It contains two ingredients which repel one another that once shaken up become a potent feed stimulating liquid. It has been likened to a lava lamp before and it is easy to see why, it creates a very similar effect when submerged in water.

Mick Clifford