Advance Monofilament | Sufix

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Sufix are one of the largest manufacturers of monofilament and braid in the world, and as such have the expertise and know-how to produce some of the most technologically advanced lines on the market. The latest to join their fleet is the Advance Monofilament. It combines the excellent abrasion resistant and user-friendly properties of monofilament, with the sensitivity and low-stretch properties of braid. Sufix achieve this feat by combining the HMPE molecules found in braid with monofilament. Due to this combination, the Advance boasts a 96% knot strength and over 50% less stretch than a standard monofilament does. This is achieved without affecting the line’s suppleness – it retains a very low memory and still casts like a dream. Not only that, but carp anglers particularly will benefit from the line’s excellent abrasion resistance and lack of stretch for fishing close to snags and for long range fishing. The lack of stretch helps improve bite indication and also has the added bonus of transmitting the ‘donk’ of your lead hitting the bottom that bit more effectively. It is available on both 150m and 300m spools, with the clear and lo-vis green versions being the most suitable for carp anglers. There is a huge array of breaking strains available, all of which are of a very thin diameter when compared to other lines on the market. For example 0.35mm Advance breaks at 22lb, but is the equivalent thickness of most 15lb lines on the market. It is a quality product that is a dream to use.

Mick Clifford