Combi Soft and Combi Stiff | Carp Spirit

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Coated braids have been around for many years now, and many anglers simply can’t fish without them. They offer superb strength and tangle free properties and, of course, make tying combi rigs much easier. The new Combi-Soft and Combi-Stiff hooklinks from Carp Spirit were designed and made in conjunction with Sufix and so are of the highest quality. 
Combi-Soft features a tough yet supple outer coating which is super easy to remove. Unlike many soft coated braids out there, the coating stays intact when knotted and remains tight and compact. It is a great medium too – not too stiff or too supple and so will remain tangle free during the cast yet follow the contours of the lake bed very well.
Combi-Stiff is the stiffest coated braid that we have ever seen. It is literally like a coiled spring. It is a little bit more difficult to work with than the Soft version, and will require steaming straight before use. However fans of stiff hooklinks will love this product as it does tie knots very well and creates the perfect hinge when the inner braid is revealed.
Both versions of the Combi hooklink are made to sink of their own accord without the need for rig putty. The Combi-Stiff comes in two colours: Camo Brown and Camo Green in both 15lb and 25lb breaking strains. Combi-Soft comes in three colours: Camo Brown, Camo Green and Black Silt in 15lb, 25lb and 35lb breaking strains. Both hooklinks are supplied on 20m rounded off square spools – perfect for slotting in your tackle box.

Mick Clifford