Cork Ball Pop-Up Roller | CC Moore

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Nothing quite beats a cork ball pop-up for buoyancy, despite advancements in the field – nothing stays up for as long as a good old fashioned cork. In the past you either had to hand roll these between your palms, or use a fiddly gadget that was notoriously difficult to use. CC Moore feel they have come up with a solution though, with the Cork Ball Pop-Up Roller.
After months of product development and testing, this eagerly awaited item is now ready to be released. The nifty little tool was the brainchild of Greg Alexander and it certainly takes the hard work out of rolling your own hookbaits. The two part device features scooped out, moulded recesses. These can be filled with your chosen paste, followed by a cork ball. Then by pushing the two halves together and twisting a few times, a perfectly round hookbait is formed – it really is that simple! You can use either food-bait pastes or use some of the new Fluoro Hard Hookbait Mixes to create your own custom cork ball pop-ups. They don’t all have to be one colour either – a small piece of fluoro paste can be added on the top to make a ready-made sight spot on your hookbait. If you are feeling adventurous then you can make cork ball wafters too. Simply use bottom bait paste with a small cork ball, exactly the same as making a pop-up, just with a larger paste layer. They are available 12mm, 15mm and 18mm; stock won’t be long in arriving so be quick if you want to get your hands on one!

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Mick Clifford