Extremity Rods | Avid Carp


RRP: £199.99 | avidcarp.com

The carp rod market is a veritable minefield but, every now and again, there is an introduction which causes a stir. The new Extremity Rods from Avid did just that – they really do look exceptional. Finished with a matte 1K weave, Fuji reel seat and a slim Duplon handle terminated with a stainless butt cap, you would be forgiven for thinking these were custom-made rods. 
There are two test curves in the range: 3¼lb and 3½lb, both in 12ft lengths. The pair are fitted with a 50mm ring set, finished with an anti-frap tip ring. The 3¼lb model is more than capable of launching a solid bag up to 120-yards, yet has a forgiving action. This makes it the perfect all-round rod, which can be used with light hooklinks and small hooks if required.
If distance casting on large venues is more your thing, then the 3½lb Extremity is the rod for you. It was designed with one sole purpose – to cast to the horizon with pinpoint accuracy. The rod is stepped-up from the softer version and features a much more powerful butt section. This enables the rod to cast heavy leads or fully laden PVA bags as far as you would ever want to fish. Due to the low resin carbon used in the rod’s design, it can not only fish long but also do so with absolute precision. The lack of resin means the rod straightens very fast upon casting and alleviates a lot of blank twist. 
Apart from being a fantastic pair of rods, which will do anything from fishing in the middle of the pond to snag fishing in the margins, the Extremity Rods are superb value for money. 

Mick Clifford