Flavours | British Aqua Feeds

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British Aqua Feeds produce some of the best quality bait making ingredients on the market – none more so than their extensive range of flavours. The concentrated flavours are ideal for flavouring hookbaits as well as bottom bait mixes. Of the huge range there are a few flavours which stand out.

Crayfish & Thermidor: This one is very special. A wonderfully almost smoky aroma meets a subtle hit of crayfish. 
Hexed Cream: With almost a sour cream type smell to it, this flavour always causes a stir. Combine with this a subtle fruit and malt flavour, and you can see why the Hexed Cream is so popular.
Maple+: A classic smell, made by combining fenugreek extract and vanillin with extra oleoresins. Works brilliantly as both a single hookbait flavour or with a winterised base mix.
Tropical Fruit: The combination of orange oil, buchu oil and fruit esters make the pungent tropical fruit flavour. It works well with all types of base mixes and mixes particularly well with black pepper oil.
Tutti Fruiti: This classic needs no introduction. It smells just like a sweet shop and will certainly turn a few heads. It is very strong though, and so low doses are recommended.
Indian Bun Spice: Bun spice is a classic flavour, but this version has been tweaked slightly. By adding specific essential oils and oleoresins plus real spices, this Indian Bun Spice packs a real punch.

Mick Clifford