G-Carp Hooks | Gamakatsu

RRP: £3.99 to £4.49 | Various online retailers

When these hooks landed in the Carpworld office, everyone was suitably impressed by them. Each one is perfectly sharp straight out of the packet, so much so they actually draw blood very easily. They are beautifully packaged too, with one hook on display in the packet, and the remaining nine threaded around a loop of mono. The entire range use flat forged, high carbon Japanese steel to ensure they are as strong as possible. All of the hooks are coated in a slick, non-reflective PTFE coating to reduce corrosion and increase penetration. There are five patterns in the range with one to suit everybody.



Humpback – A curved hook with a lovely, smooth sweeping bend. These will flip around in a fish’s mouth in no time and they will stay in place too, thanks to a micro barb. Available in sizes 2-10.

Specialist R – The beaked point helps keep hold even in the most demanding of situations, which is further aided by the wide gape. Rig mechanics are helped with the 15-degree, in-turned eye which helps the hook turn and grab hold once it has been sucked in. Available in sizes 2-12.

Wide Gape Super – This hook is ideal for Chod or Stiff rigs as it utilises a 25-degree out-turned eye. It has a beaked point and super wide gape, which is ideal for fishing with buoyant hookbaits. The hook is only available in barbed versions and comes in sizes 2-12.

Specialist RX – This is a beefed up version of the Specialist R hook. It features the same 15-degree in-turned eye and beaked point but in a thicker wire guage. This hook is perfect for snag fishing. Available as both barbed and barbless versions in sizes 2-12 in barbed and 4-12 in barbless.

Snagger – This aggressive curved hook can be used without any shrink tubing or line aligners. Its 28-degree in-turned eye makes this hook grab a hold in a fish’s mouth super fast. This unique shaped hook only comes in barbed form in sizes 2-12.

Sold in packs of ten, the Gamakatsu range of G-carp hooks represent fantastic value for money. They are available from a select few stockists, but are well worth searching for.

Mick Clifford