High Attract Specials | Pops-Ups

RRP: From £9.00 | highattractpopups.co.uk


Some may have heard of High Attract Specials before, and those that have will be fully aware of their products. If you haven’t though, you are missing out on possibly the best pop-up hookbaits on the market today. Each pot is meticulously hand rolled to perfection using the best ingredients money can buy. No expense is spared when it comes to these hookbaits, they are truly amazing.
There are many different flavour combinations available, with each one perfectly formulated to produce a finished product worthy of their price tag. The Legends Range is made using old school Rod Hutchinson flavours, while the others, in the Specials are more of a mix of flavours from companies such as Mainline, Nash and DT Baits to name just a few. Aside from the liquid flavours, many powdered palatants are added to give the baits a fully rounded flavour profile. Out of all the flavours on offer, the two we thought sent the senses into overdrive were the Original Mulbs and the Fruit Specials. The Original Mulbs utilise Rod Hutchinson’s Mulberry Florentine flavour which, when combined with several more flavours and palatants, gives the finished pop-ups a very old school aroma. Also using a Rod Hutchinson flavour, the Fruit Specials are a combination of both old and new flavours that combine to produce something truly fantastic. 
High Attract Specials are available in both 12mm and 14mm sizes, in a variety of colours with the yellow, pink and white ones being the most popular. They are made using a super buoyant pop-up mix that is easily capable of lifting any rig you wish to use them on. Some may say these are expensive, but those people clearly haven’t ever used them! 

Mick Clifford