N-Blend | DT Baits

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To us, as anglers, nut-based baits are some of the best smelling and they just so happen to be fantastic year-round carp catchers. The N-Blend from DT Baits is a fantastic boilie, based on the ever faithful tiger nut. Although not technically a nut, the tiger nut has been catching carp for decades and has truly cemented itself as one of the all time best carp baits. The sweet, almost milky aroma and taste of the tiger nut sends a carp’s senses into overdrive, and they find it hard to resist. By utilising the best ground tiger nut meal, DT Baits have replicated the appeal of whole tiger nuts in the more convenient package of the N-Blend boilies. 
The tiger nut meal is combined with calf milk replacer along with other protein sources to make it a complete food source. The main bulk powdered ingredients are married with a roasted nut and condensed milk flavour combination, that compliments the mix very well. The addition of Milk B Plus powder gives the finished baits a wonderfully rounded smell and taste profile. Due to the nature of the bulk ingredients, the finished boilies have an open texture, and so their scent trail disperses very quickly throughout the water helping to draw carp into your area.

The N-Blend is ideal for use in the spring, when fish are just waking up from their winter slumber. Over the years it has produced numerous multiple fish hits from tricky venues when used at this time of year. Of course, as with all of DT Baits’ products, there are many matching sundry items for the N-Blend. Matching pop-ups are available in both natural colour as well as washed-out options in both mixed and pink varieties. The pop-ups themselves are made using super buoyant base mix and are combined with the exact same attractor package as the bottom baits. Perhaps the most prominent and interesting ancillary product, aside from the usual pellets and stick mix is the matching DNA Liquid. This thick, viscous liquid can be used to boost the attraction in your N-Blend hookbaits. It contains two ingredients which repel one another that once shaken become a potent feed stimulating liquid. It has been likened to a lava lamp before and it is easy to see why – it creates a very similar effect when submerged in water. 

Mick Clifford