SJ9 Jacket | Fortis × Snugpack

RRP: £139.95 (Black & Olive) or £149.95 (DPM) |


The Fortis and Snugpack collaboration has brought some simply stunning jackets to market, and the SJ9 sits at the top of the tree. Capable of insulating your body down to minus 15ºC, this incredible Jacket is a must have for any budding winter angler. It utilises the Softie Premium filling that Snugpack are famous for, which traps heat against your body. The SJ9 benefits from a high-tech Paratex Steelplate outer and Paratex Light inner, keeping any moisture away from your skin – so you stay warm, comfortable and dry. When used with the correct layering beneath, the SJ9 is unrivalled. Of course, having been developed for the angling market, Fortis have added their own tweaks to ensure they are up to the job. The first of these is a high-quality double zip that can be unzipped from the bottom when sitting down, alleviating the annoying bunching up of materials associated with a standard zipped jacket. The hood can be pinned back when not in use – however, it is also sculpted specifically so when it is used, it sits on your head without obstructing your field of vision. They are available in the following three colour options: DPM Camouflage, Olive and Black. Sizes are on the generous side too – they go from small to 2XL, which are priced at £139.95 for Olive or Black versions and £149.95 for the DPM version.

Mick Clifford