Tribal TX-Ultra | Shimano

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When Shimano sets out to produce a flagship item for any of their ranges, you know it isn’t going to be skimped on! The Tribal TX-Ultra Rod is the top of the tree when it comes to Shimano’s comprehensive range of carp rods, and with good reason.
Starting with the revolutionary blank used to create the rod, which was designed to not only be powerful but also supremely accurate. It utilises the best in carbon technology, including two of Shimano’s unique technologies. Spiral X is the first of these used in the rod’s construction. It is made up from a blank of horizontal carbon fibres combined with an inner and outer layer of carbon tape. The tape is wound diagonally in opposite directions and massively improves the rigidity of the blank making it much more powerful. This is combined with Hipower X which is the visible carbon tape running diagonally on the outside of the blank. By using both techniques the finished rod is capable of achieving over 200 yards in the right hands. Yet despite this immense power, the action remains soft enough to play carp properly without risking a hook pull.
Cosmetically, the TX-Ultras have a uniqueness about them. They have an ergonomically designed reel seat which fits comfortably in the hand. This is combined with a split EVA grip which really sets the rods off wonderfully. 
There are four models to choose from: 12ft 2.75lb, 12ft 3lb, 12ft 3.5lb and 13ft 3.5lb. Both the 2.75lb and 3lb models come fitted with a set of Fuji K-Type Sic guides, whereas both the 3.5lb Intensity models come equipped with Kigan guides. This is purely down to saving weight on the Intensity models as these are made to be out-and-out catching tools. 
You will be hard pushed to find a rod that can cast to the horizon yet offer shock absorbance under the rod tip during the fight. However, somehow, the boffins at Shimano have achieved the impossible with the TX-Ultra – they truly are a rod for all occasions.

Mick Clifford