Banana Rods | SpodMarker X Range

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This three rod line-up is the first from a manufacturer to combine the two functions of a long-range spod rod and a long-range marker rod into the same model. Thanks to the use of six types of carbon, expertly distributed throughout the blank, this light, slim and powerful rod will allow you to carry out both tasks with ease.

                The blank has been designed to be easy to compress, significantly reducing the fatigue caused by repeated sessions of long-range spodding. This will enable you to achieve greater accuracy and consistency more easily and for a longer period of time.

                The rods are hand-built in France, to stringent manufacturing protocols, marrying cutting-edge technologies and exclusive composite materials to Banana Rods’ existing know-how to create an incredibly easy tool for the job.

                Cosmetically, these truly are amongst some of the finest rods we have ever seen. Not just in the quality of the fittings, but also in terms of the level of finish applied to each one. This is one major benefit of choosing to have them built to order. With regard to the fittings, as standard the rods feature Fuji K series SIC guides with an anti-frap tip ring. ALPS centra lock reel seats and the Easy Power butt grip. Two, no-cost options are left to your discretion, these being the choice of either single or double-legged guides and carbon or coloured whippings.

                There are a whole host of custom options available for those wishing to set themselves apart from the crowd, with options available on handles, reel seats and ring-sets, as well as the more usual whippings, markings and chevrons.

                In use we found that they were fairly difficult to fully compress with leads more commonly used for marker work in the UK whilst trying to reach the extreme distances these rods are capable of. Having said that, they are designed with a dual-purpose in mind and once teamed with a 5oz or heavier lead, or a loaded spod/spomb, they were genuinely a joy to work with and we recorded consistent distances up to 178 metres on the day – in the hands of someone who isn’t, by his own admission, a genuinely massive caster, with one enormous cast flying someway past 200 metres.

                There are three models available, a 12 foot 4¾lb TC and then two 13 foot models which are 5lb and 6lb, respectively. Prices start from £416. For further details please visit:

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