Fox | Camolite Brew Kit Bag and Stoves

Camolite Brew Kit Bag

Fox have introduced a wave of new products of late, with this being the first item under the spotlight this month. The compact bag helps keep all your brew equipment in one convenient place. Designed using the same shape as the Camolite Standard Storage Bag, the Brew Bag is therefore compatible with the Fox Explorer range of barrows. Inside, stiffened Velcro-fixed dividers separate each section of the bag. The Bag comes complete with no less than two Voyager ceramic mugs, two large, khaki screw-top containers, two small, khaki screw-top containers, a stainless teaspoon and a 250ml Fox-branded aluminium bottle complete with its own thermal jacket. The four screw-top containers are ideal for storing things like tea, coffee and sugar, while the aluminium bottle is perfect for keeping your milk in. Additionally, the Brew Bag also has enough space to store your kettle, stove and gas canister inside, so everything is kept together. As with all the Camolite range, the Brew Bag has 8mm heavy duty zips and quality carry handles fitted, to ensure it stands the test of time. This convenient bag is available now for £39.99, which considering the included kit is very reasonable.



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Compact 3000 Stove

Unless you are a bit of a pyromaniac you will, of course, require a stove to make yourself a brew with. Fox have introduced two brand new, gas-powered stoves to their range for 2018. The Compact 3000 Stove is perfect for the angler on a budget, costing just £29.99. As the name suggests, this stove is very small and you will certainly not notice it in amongst your kit. It has a flame-adjustment system and three fold-out legs. To light it, you will need either a lighter or matches as it does not feature a built-in ignition system.


FOX - Image 3 - Compact Stove 3000.jpg

Heat Transfer 3200 Stove

For the more seasoned angler, or someone looking for something slightly more powerful, the new Heat Transfer 3200 Stove will be more suitable. This stove is only marginally larger than the 3000 model, yet will still take up little more room than a tub of pop-ups. It features a built-in windshield that helps transfer heat more efficiently, thus boiling your kettle faster, while using less fuel. Finished in a smart black colour, the Heat Transfer Stove comes with a heat-adjustment system and a Piezo ignition on the side. Priced at £49.99 it is bound to be a popular choice amongst carp anglers.

FOX - Image 4 - Heat Transfer Stove 3200.jpg
Beverley Clifford