Shimano | TX7 Rods

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The new TX7 range of rods from Shimano have been designed with one thing in mind – tackling large, more demanding waters. These rods have been built with strength and power at the forefront of their design – they can literally cast to the horizon! Utilising a combination of HPC250 and Biofibre, the TX7 range is both strong and powerful, yet very forgiving when playing fish under the rod tip. By using HPC250, the carbon is made very strong and stiff, with a crisp recovery during the cast. This improves accuracy, as well as distance achieved, as the rods spring back straight as soon as the lead is released. This is further aided by Biofibre, which reinforces the blank allowing it to be produced in a thinner diameter, making the overall weight of the finished rods much lower.

                With regards to the specification of this model’s line-up, Shimano haven’t cut any corners on the TX7s, they all feature Fuji reel seats, alongside Kigan Stainless Steel Zirconia guides, terminating in an anti-frap tip ring. When combined, the full length EVA handle and the stainless, laser-etched butt cap set the rods off perfectly. There are five models in the range: 12ft 2¾lb, 12ft 3lb, 12ft 3¼lb, as well as an Intensity model in both 12ft and 13ft lengths. Prices vary from £244.99 up to £264.99 depending on the model chosen. Considering the specification of these rods, the price point is very keen indeed.

From £244.99


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