SwellPro | Splash Drone 3 Auto

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Filming and photography in angling has become incredibly popular over the last few years, with both professional companies and amateur film enthusiasts alike, seeking to create their own content. Aerial filming and photography can really allow videos and features to stand out from the crowd. However, there can be an inherent problem – drones are expensive and if you crash them particularly into water, they are pretty much done for. This is where the Splash series of drones comes into play. The whole range is completely waterproof, and can both land and take off from the surface of a lake or river.

                The Splash Drone 3 Auto is the top of the range model and features a whole host of gadgets and gizmos for you to play with. First and foremost, the custom 620kv motors offer the perfect balance between efficiency and power. Even in high winds, the Drone will hover almost perfectly still. The base of the Drone is fitted with a 4k Camera Gimbal that rivals even the most popular drones currently on the market. The quality of filming is truly remarkable. In addition, with full 360-degree movement you should never miss a shot.

                Internally, the Splash Drone 3 Auto has a GPS system that is supremely accurate. Once calibrated, the drone can be programmed to take off and land from exactly the same spot, time after time. The Auto part of the name comes from the Drone’s ability to follow a person, or moving object, completely autonomously. This makes filming on your own super-easy and gives you a perfect, continuous shot, every single time.

                The Splash Drone 3 can reach speeds of up to 21m/sec making it one of the fastest available. It has the capability to remain airborne for 20 minutes on one single charge, and has a range of up to 1km thanks to a super powerful remote. If the Drone loses touch with the remote, it will automatically return back to where it had last taken off from. For videographers, the remote also features a live-feed screen from the 4K camera, so you should always be able to get the perfect shot.

                The Splash Drone 3 comes with everything you are likely to need, inside its own hard case. It is priced at £1,697 from Sharnbrook Tackle. www.sharnbrooktackle.com

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