Thinking Anglers | Luggage

Compact Carryall

This bag is ideal for the roving angler or for someone who is looking for a spacious camera bag. It has four external pockets, with two on the sides, one on the top and one on the front. These pockets can house anything from smaller pouches, to any loose items of tackle. The hard base and padded shoulder strap make it ideal for the short-session carper.

THINKING ANGLERS - Image 1 - Compact Carryall.jpg


Cool Bag

The revised Cool Bag is ideal for a weekend-long session. It will take plenty of food and will even accommodate an upright two litre bottle of milk. A foil-liner is utilised inside to ensure the contents will remain cool, plus there are now elasticated straps to stop any spillable items from falling over. There are mesh pockets on the sides and a convenient front pocket which has elasticated loops for storing cutlery.

THINKING ANGLERS - Image 2 - Cool Bag.jpg


Elastic Tip Top

A simple rod protection solution. Comprising two padded protectors for the tip and butt of your rod connected which are joined by a length of elasticated material. Not only does the elastic help keep your rod together, but it also stops you from losing the protectors which is easily done with separate items.

THINKING ANGLERS - Image 3 - Elasticated Tip Tops.JPG


Reel Pouch

Ideal for use in conjunction with the Elastic Tip Top, the new Reel Pouch features a super-soft, padded material. It wraps around both your reel and rod blank, offering the ultimate protection. As an added bonus, the outside features Velcro strips which can be attached to others, preventing your rods and reels from clattering into each other.

THINKING ANGLERS - Image 4 - Reel Pouch.jpg


Gas Canister Pouch

Gas canisters can be rather garish with their bight paint work, so it is no wonder many anglers cover them with pouches. The new Gas Canister Pouch from Thinking Anglers helps insulate the can, which is particularly useful in cold weather. It accommodates all standard-sized cans, and can be fitted easily with the draw cord on the top. The side of the Pouch also features handy elasticated loops, which are ideal for securing a teaspoon and a lighter.

THINKING ANGLERS - Image 5 - Gas Canister Pouch.jpg



The Rucksack is one of the real highlights of this range. It was designed with the short-session carper in mind – however it would also be ideal for someone roving the river bank. It is packed with great features including strategically-placed internal pockets and some handy bankstick loops on the outside. The bag is totally free-standing thanks to its boxy shape. Due to its semi-rigid, upright design, it will also sit unaided on a barrow should you wish. It is made from rugged material and the base is stiffened to ensure it will stand the test of time.

THINKING ANGLERS - Image 6 - Rucksack - Front.jpg


Unhooking Mat

This lightweight Unhooking Mat offers supreme protection for your quarry and is more than capable of holding all but the very largest of foreign carp. It utilises both thick foam and polyballs to provide a supportive cushion for your prize. Both of these are totally water sealed, and so shouldn’t take on any water. The base is made from a super tough, non-slip material and is easily wiped clean. A Velcro-sealed fish retaining flap is attached to the top, which seals around the outside to prevent a lively fish from doing anything untoward while inside. There is a nice, neat kneeling pad included too, which can be stored away when not in use. The kneeling pad also has two small pockets which are ideal for storing antiseptic and small forceps. A carry strap completes the Mat perfectly, which can be folded in half and clipped shut using the attached D rings, should you wish, making it much easier to pack away and/or transport.