Trakker | 2018 Polarised Sunglasses

New for 2018, Trakker have introduced a range of Polarised Sunglasses to their range of quality gear. They use top quality lenses and are based around super-lightweight frames coated in a smooth, soft-touch rubber. Each pair is finished in a green colour with a smart laser-etched logo on the side. There are three different styles available, all of which have UV 400 protection and come with a zipped, hard case and cleaning cloth. From £19.99



TRAKKER - Image 1 - Aviator Polaroids.jpg

Aviator Polarised Sunglasses

Instantly recognisable, in this, the classic Aviator-shape combined with brown lenses. These are the lightest glasses in the range weighing just 22g and priced at £19.99.

TRAKKER - Image 2 - Wrap-Around Polaroids.jpg

Wraparound Polarised Sunglasses


Featuring a sleek and stylish wrap-around design, these glasses will stop any light intruding behind them, improving their performance massively. Supplied with brown lenses, the Wrap-Around Sunglasses are priced at £24.99.

TRAKKER - Image 3 - Classic Polaroids.jpg

Classic Polarised Sunglasses


Squared off and with a classic look to them, these glasses are likely to prove very popular. They feature neutral-coloured, grey lenses that can be used in both bright and dull light. Priced at just £24.99, they are the perfect addition for anyone looking to upgrade or replace their fish-spotting kit.

Beverley Clifford