Dynamite | Frenzied Particles

RRP: FROM £9.99 | www.dynamitebaits.com

The Frenzied Particles range from Dynamite has to be one of their most popular products. Each blend is cooked inside the jar it is supplied in to retain those all important attractors within the liquids. There are no preservatives added whatsoever, so they are just like a batch of home-cooked particles but with the added bonus of not having to make a mess of the kitchen preparing them! The range is supplied in 700g tins and 2.5L screw top jars, which if left sealed, will last for months on end. 
This year, Dynamite have added three new blends to their already extensive range: Naked Pulses & Particles, Krill Pulses & Particles and Sweet & Milky Pulses & Particles.

Naked Pulses & Particles – This totally natural blend makes the ideal spod mix. It uses the very best hemp, combined with larger particles such as maize and wheat. Each of these different particles produce different food signals that are highly attractive to carp. £9.99.
Krill Pulses & Particles – Using the same combination as the Naked Pulses & Particles, this special krill version benefits from a few added extras. Real arctic krill is combined with a small amount of Robin Red to add an extra dimension to the mix. Both of these ingredients are proven carp catchers, so it is fair to say this blend is going to be a winner. £10.99.
Sweet & Milky Pulses & Particles – As the name suggests this addition to the range has a tremendously sweet aroma that carp are going to find hard to resist. As if that wasn’t enough, the inclusion of some sweet palatants creates a fantastic milky cloud when introduced to the lake. This is sure to catch the attention of any passing fish. £10.99.

Mick Clifford