Rod Hutchinson | Ballistic B and KMG

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The Rod Hutchinson brand has to rank as one of the most iconic angling companies over the years. Quite recently the brand was revamped, and a full new range of tackle and bait was brought to market. Two of the most significant of these are the Ballistic B and KMG bait ranges.
The Ballistic B is a very light-coloured boilie which stands out well on the lake bed. It utilises a tantalising blend of both creamy and fruit flavours. The highly sweet bait contains only natural pigments to give it the light colouration, plus the addition of Rod Hutchinson’s very own secret seed mix giving the bait a lovely open texture, with incredibly high leakage.
The KMG however, is the polar-opposite to the Ballistic B. It features high levels of krill in both powdered and liquid forms. This is combined with a mix of belachan, salmon oil and a blend of fishmeals. By utilising these high quality ingredients, the KMG is a fishmeal bait with real pulling power. 
As with all the baits in the Rod Hutchinson range, both the KMG and Ballistic B are available in 15mm and 20mm baits, in both 1kg and 5kg bags. There are matching pop-ups for each size, plus a Hookbait Dip and Liquid Carp Food to match.

Mick Clifford