Spotted Fin | Smokey Jack

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The highly anticipated launch for Spotted Fin’s new boilie range, Smokey Jack, is finally here. Utilising top quality skipjack tuna as a base, the Smokey Jack has proven its worth during testing with numerous large fish falling to it. The tuna is added via a rich and very thick extract, which is almost paste-like in consistency. Packed with amino acids, oils and soluble proteins, this additive makes the Smokey Jack not only very attractive but also beneficial to carp. The paste is combined with as much fishmeal as they can fit in the boilie, without the texture being affected. There is also the added crunch of kelp meal present. To round off the bait nicely, a blend of spices are added. This not only helps with the bait’s taste but also, when combined with the tuna paste extract, it gives the bait a reddish colouration, helping it to stand out on the lakebed without being too blatant. Finally, the baits are finished off with a unique smoky flavour, resulting from the use of an additional, totally natural compound. 
Frank Warwick was heavily involved in the testing of the Smokey Jack, during which time he caught a number of large fish. He found the more he applied, the more he caught. Being a fishmeal bait, it will come into its own in the warmer months.
As well as boilies in both shelf-life and freezer varieties, the Smokey Jack range features many other ancillary products. There are matching pop-ups and wafters, as well as hard hookbaits. Three different sizes of matching pellets are also available, as is a matching Active Stick Mix. Two liquids, a Bait Spray and Food Dip, complete the range nicely. Following on from its recent launch at the Northern Angling Show, the Smokey Jack should be arriving in stockists about now. It can also be purchased on the website direct at

Mick Clifford