DT Baits | Fish N Blood with Fresh Orange


RRP: Prices start at £3.99  | www.dtbaits.co.uk

Using the highest quality fishmeal, bloodmeal and green-lipped mussel, laced with a zesty, natural orange flavour, this boilie is ideal for the warmer months. Add to that crunchy kelp and a high iron content and it will help induce competitive feeding amongst carp and seems to winkle out the bigger fish too.
With an entire range of ancillary products at your disposal, and a choice of either frozen or shelf-life boilies, DT Baits have left no stone unturned in providing you with everything to accompany this perfect summer bait.
Whether you are just after some matching pop-ups, or a 10kg session pack, it is available – they even do a trial pack, comprising 500g of frozen 15mm boilies, a small tub of pop-ups and 150ml of their DNA food stimulant for those that want to try before they buy.
Prices range from £3.99 up to £79.99.

Mick Clifford