Dynamite Baits | Evolution Oils


RRP:  £4.99  | www.dynamitebaits.com

The new Evolution range of oils, are ideal for boosting your freebies and PVA bags, because of course, oils don’t melt PVA. They are also fantastic for adding extra attraction to both surface and bottom baits alike. There are five oils in this range: Tiger Nut Oil, Citrus Oil, Hemp Oil, Smoked Salmon Oil and Robin Red Oil.
Hemp Oil requires little introduction, it has been catching carp for years and Dynamite’s version will be no exception. The other four variants are all produced around a seed-based oil, which makes a perfect carrier for the chosen flavours. The Evolution Oils are all supplied in 300ml bottles with a narrow, squirt-top, that is thin enough to pierce a PVA bag and inject the oil directly onto the contents.
The Robin Red and Citrus Oils will prove particularly good for this, as they both produce a visual slick that can drift throughout the water column.
The range is competitively priced at just £4.99 each.

Mick Clifford