ESP | Tungsten Loaded Tube & Cryogen Barbless Hooks



Tungsten Loaded Tube

RRP £5.45

Many of the UK’s fisheries enforce a leader ban, yet it remains important to use some sort of protection between you and the rig to prevent tangles and protect a fish during the fight. ESP have a brand new rig tube which is now available: the Tungsten Loaded Tube. This new tubing is exceptionally heavy, even heavier than leadcore in fact. They have stated it weighs 8½g per 1m length, which considering its relatively thin diameter is quite remarkable. The inner bore is wider than most, making threading your mainline through it a dream. It will even accept a range of tapered casting leaders if required. Its 1.6mm outer diameter also makes it suitable for all manner of tail rubbers. Available in three muted colours: Weed Green, Camo Brown and Silt Grey, Tungsten Loaded Tube retails at £5.45 for 2¼m.


Cryogen Barbless Hooks

RRP £4.25 per pack of 10

The massively popular range of Cryogen Hooks from ESP are now available in a barbless pattern. The new de-barbed versions use the very same cryogenic techniques when they are forged. Quite simply, a very high temperature and cryogenic tempering are combined to create these super-strong hooks, which have an even more durable point than before. Cryogenic tempering improves the molecular structure of the steel used on the hooks, making them much stronger. Introducing these technologies to the manufacturing process of the Cryogen Hooks produces extra strength without making them any thicker than previous models. Each hook in the range also benefits from a super smooth PTFE coating, known as Tuflon, which not only helps penetration but also reduces reflection and the risk of corrosion. 
There are three hook patterns in the range with something to suit every style of rig.
The Curve Shanx are very similar to the shape of the old ESP Raptor. They are now 25% stronger and suited to all manner of presentations, from bottom bait rigs, to the increasingly popular Ronnie rig.
The Gripper is Terry Hearn’s favourite; it features a 10-degree, in-turned eye and an inclined beaked point. It lends itself particularly well to blowback rigs and other bottom bait presentations, where it provides solid hook holds on every take.
Finally, the Stiff Rigger is the go-to pattern for all manner of pop-up rigs and features a longer and finer point than the old MK2 model, as well as a slightly inclined point for increased strength. The 13-degree, out-turned eye makes it ideal for use with stiff materials such as Bristle Filament.
Size-wise, the Curve Shanx are available in 4-10, while the other two are available in sizes 4-8. Each pack of barbless Cryogen Hooks is priced at £4.25, and contains ten perfectly sharp irons. 

Mick Clifford