Mainline | The Link


Something of a departure from Mainline’s previous excellent offerings, the Link is a dark red colour, with a pungent fishmeal-style aroma and something else you can’t quite put your finger on! For these reasons, it immediately separates itself from the rest of their current range in both appearance and smell, although there is far more to this bait than you may at first think. In no small part, it is down to the incorporation of certain key active ingredients, exclusive to Mainline, that have in effect brought about the creation of The Link, simply by taking two key boilie characteristics to the next level – the diffusion of feed-inducing stimulants, and the ease of digestion. As you’d expect from any Dedicated Freezer Bait range from Mainline, there is also an extensive range of hookbaits, liquids, pellets and groundbaits to compliment the boilies themselves.

Mick Clifford