PB Products | Zigliners

RRP £5.49 | www.pbproductsuk.co.uk


These handy little items are perfect for zig fishing and make the job so much easier. They are available in both Nymph and Snail imitations, and are designed to look like a waterborne insect. They look just like a standard line-aligner, but are formed with an additional rubber ring on the back and they come supplied with sticks of high density foam, which can be placed within the ring. You can even use pop-ups with the Zigliners as they are very flexible. Four colours of Zigliners are included in each pack: black, white, yellow and pink. Both come with two sticks of coloured foam – Nymphs come with brown and white foam and Snails come with black and yellow foam. You can also purchase refill packs of spare foam with one stick of each colour of foam inside.
Both the Snail and Nymph Zigliners retail at £5.49 with refill foam packs retailing at £3.99.

Mick Clifford