Sufix | InvisiLine


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Sufix have a worldwide reputation for producing exceptional fishing line and their 100% fluorocarbon, InvisiLine is true to form. Fluorocarbon can be hugely advantageous to a carp angler, particularly when fishing in clear water as it is almost invisible when submerged. Although not designed specifically for carp anglers, the InvisiLine is ideal for use as a hook link or light leader material in the lighter breaking strains, while the heavier versions are ideal for stiff hinge rigs or snag leaders.
It comes supplied on handy 20m spools, which fit into your tackle box nicely and another nice touch is that every spool comes complete with an elasticated nylon band to protect the fluorocarbon wherever you store it. The tough, super-supple material is available in a variety of breaking strains, however the 10lb to 50lb range will prove most appealing to those in the carp fishing fraternity. Prices start at £5.99 and go up to £12.99 for the 50lb version.

Mick Clifford