Banana Rods | Landing Net

RRP: From £315 |

Following on from our recent reviews of their range of bespoke, hand-built fishing rods, this month sees us taking a look at the matching net that’s now available to compliment them. Available in two sizes, either a 42-inch or 50-inch and with the option of a one or two-piece handle, the latter being 8 feet in length and comprising two equal lengths, as opposed to the conventional 6 feet of the one-piece.
While many won’t see the appeal of a handle that is only marginally longer than standard, for those of you who fish from boats on a regular basis, or quite like stalking fish in the edge, being able to use just one half of it will be a godsend, making it far more manoeuvrable when out on the water or in the confines of a small space. 
The net is very light in the hand, yet retains a very stiff and strong handle due to its construction from the same process as the rods themselves. As expected it is once again finished to an incredibly high standard, with a discreet matte-look to the pole while featuring Banana’s signature Easy Power grip at the base, with a machined, stainless steel spreader block.

Mick Clifford