JRC | Slim Kurve Indicators

RRP: £12.99 individually, or £36.99 | www.jrc-fishing.co.uk

After the success of their original Kurve indicator, JRC have now launched the Slim Kurve Indicator. Featuring a very smart, slim, hinging body, they are available in a range of five different colours to suit the angler’s taste.
They were designed and manufactured in the UK and have a host of clever, key features, including a dual line clip for fixed or sliding use, which is suitable for either braided or monofilament mainline. This, along with the articulating head, allows them to register even the slightest of movements, or to be fixed in position to minimise any false indications caused by wind.
The indicators themselves are supplied as a complete kit with everything you need. There is a black ball-chain, a stiff arm, two additional weights for windy conditions or fishing at range, and the five different coloured heads which are neon yellow, neon green, neon orange, white or black and have an internal isotope slot. These, along with the line clips are interchangeable via JRC’s simple Easy Turn and Fix system.

Mick Clifford