Wychwood | MHR Brolly MkII and Brolly System

RRP: £199.99 and £299.99 |  www.wychwoodcarp.co.uk

Umbrellas were the original choice of the discerning carp angler way back when the pastime was founded. The humble shelter has come a long way since then and despite the invention of bivvies in all manner of styles, many anglers still prefer the old school quirks of a brolly. Wychwood have produced a range of brollies for a number of years now, many of which have developed something of a cult following. The company is renowned for its attention to detail and quality, however their products often come in significantly cheaper than other products of a similar quality.
The original Wychwood MHR Brolly MkI was a real hit with both session anglers and overnight enthusiasts alike. Due to this, Wychwood were careful not to update the new version too much and instead listened to the thoughts of the customers who bought them. On that note, the new brollies are made using the exact same, 10,000mm hydrostatic head material. This super thick, yet lightweight material won the hearts of many carp anglers for its incredible durability, and so there really was no need to alter it. However, there have been a few updates to the design of both the standard brolly and the full system to help meet the needs of the modern angler. 
A pair of large rear vents have been added to improve airflow on warm days. The front mosquito panels on the full system have also been increased to permit a better view of the lake. A new flexible door has been fitted to the zip-in front of the new MkII System, allowing you to utilise the panels in a multitude of different formats, giving full shelter customisation. A new watertight, protective bell cap now features on the standard brolly as well as the system, while both still benefit from multiple pegging points. Finally, Wychwood have fitted a unique central vent which will help eliminate condensation.
As before the MHR MkII is available as just a standalone brolly, or as a full system with a zip-in front and heavy duty groundsheet. Both of the brollies come with five-year warranties, which is testament to the quality of Wychwood’s products. The standard MHR Brolly MkII is priced at £199.99, and is supplied with a set of 24-inch storm poles. The MHR Brolly MkII System, which can be converted to a long session shelter with the zip-in front and groundsheet, is priced at £299.99.

Mick Clifford