Fortis | Vista Sunglasses

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The newest polarised sunglasses from Fortis are packed with the latest technology. From the ultra-slim injection process to their high optical precision, these have raised the bar for anything available through mainstream fishing brands. Featuring Fortis’ own Triple X lenses, they offer: eXtra clarity, eXtra definition and eXtra protection. The clarity is achieved by the use of ultra-thin lenses within a taller frame. Simply put, the thinner the lens, the less distortion that is present. Definition is achieved during the injection process as it permits them to eliminate blue light, giving more natural vision. The make-up of the lenses also guarantees against all three forms of ultraviolet light, providing protection against UV A, B and C.

The frames are designed around a base 8 curve, meaning the Vistas offer total protection against unwanted side light. They also benefit from 12 vents, positioned around both the top and the side of the frame, greatly reducing fogging or misting of the lenses when worn tight to the face.

Lastly, the frames are made from a very lightweight PC material, with a super soft rubber material covering the tail of each arm, making them extremely comfortable for long term use.

The frames are all finished in a discreet matte black colour, with a subtle, inset metal logo on the arms and you can choose between brown, amber, grey or blue x-blok lenses, depending on your preference.

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Mick Clifford