PB Products | The Downforce Range

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The use of tungsten in the occasional item of terminal tackle has been happening for a while now with various manufacturers following suit. PB Products have taken things a stage further though and released a full-line of heavyweight items to cater for most fishing situations, namely the Downforce range. The following items stood out for us in the range: The tungsten tubing is super-supple and incredibly dense for its diameter, laying flat across all but the most uneven surfaces we tried it on. It is 0.75mm thick and comes supplied in 2m lengths, so you can trim it to suit your specific requirements.

We also found their sliding naked chod bead and swivel kit particularly clever. Although they’ve been in existence for a while now, they don’t seem to have received the good press they deserve. Simply tie your desired length of chod rig onto the supplied swivel, slot it into the bead via the preformed groove and then thread it onto your main line. It’s that easy! The soft tungsten bead will protect your main line whilst travelling up and down it, particularly during the fight, negating the potential for any cut-offs.


Jelly Wire

Another product that has been out for a while, in fact, this one for many years. It has achieved almost legendary status over that period, being used by many top names. Available in three colours (gravel, weed and silt) and three different breaking strains (15lb, 25lb and 35lb), Jelly-wire has been viewed as the benchmark for coated braids. In a world of soft, stiff and semi-stiff hooklinks, it is only available as is. The coating lends it a supple feeling, although it is still firm enough not to tangle on the cast and lay out flat on the lake bed. Having said that, the coating is incredibly tough and we struggled to break it while tying all manner of knots in the end. Despite being so tough, the coating is easy to strip back.


Clear Skater

This is PB Products’ angle on a specialist line for fining down in summer. If you are someone who likes to travel light and catch them in the edge on traditional methods, enjoy your floater fishing, or are a devout zig angler looking for a fresh hooklink material, then this could be for you. It is made from clear monofilament and is incredibly strong for its diameter with a rated breaking strain of 13lb, despite being only 0.25mm thick! We found it very supple, with little stretch and great knot strength.

Mick Clifford