JRC | Extreme TX Landing Net Light

RRP: £29.99 | www.jrc-fishing.co.uk


Designed originally to sit atop the JRC Stealth and Compact Landing Nets. The light is, in fact, compatible with just about every net on the market, clipping securely into place on the arms, just ahead of the spreader block. There are two lighting options available via the long-life, ultra-bright LEDs – a brilliant white, or a more discreet red, which is ideal for not spooking fish just prior to landing... as well as for not attracting every flying, biting nocturnal creature in their droves when it is activated! The light itself works via a simple motion sensor. Turning on as you lift it, and off again shortly after it is laid back down to rest, meaning you needn’t worry about turning the device on/off all the time. In turn it can also save you having to scuffle about for a head torch when exiting the bivvy at high speed in the middle of the night too!

Mick Clifford