RidgeMonkey | Hook Ring Stops & Ezeeknot Hookbait Tyer

Hook Ring Stop | RRP: £TBC | www.ridgemonkey.co.uk

The latest addition to the ever expanding RM-Tec terminal range, these hook beads are made from a nice, soft rubber that is designed to grip the hook shank and stay in place, even during the biggest of casts, yet move, so as not to impede hooking potential, only when you receive a take.

They are ideal for creating all manner of rigs, but particularly Ronnies and anything else featuring anti-eject, sliding ring set-ups. They have a subtle, dark green, smoky translucent finish ensuring that they are as discreet an element of your rig as possible. They are available in two sizes, small (for hook sizes 6-10) and large (for hooks sized 1-4).


Ezeeknot Hookbait Tyer | RRP: £8.99 | www.ridgemonkey.co.uk


Well, they say the best ideas in life are the simple ones and for those that don’t trust the mechanics of a bait screw, a bore-ring, or a blob of floss, and prefer to ‘do it old school’ – then this is for you. The simple, two-piece magnetic design features a cylindrical bore, which will fit hookbaits ranging between 10mm and 20mm. Simply drop in the one of your choice, slide your floss down to the bait, rotate the device and tie two overhand knots. It really is that simple... and it should mean the end of fiddly, mid-winter chores when you’ve got Tom ‘n’ Jerry fingers and keep dropping fiddly little rig rings on the groundsheet!

Mick Clifford