Sticky Baits | Manilla - Shelf-Life Boilies and ancillaries range

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A product that needs little introduction, Sticky’s Manilla is a perfect year-round bait, based around an exclusive (to them) peanut protein meal and a complex blend of refined milk proteins and birdfoods. The mix is then rounded off with a Madagascan vanilla extract, from where the bait gets its name.

Identical to the freezer range barring the addition of a natural preservative to prolong its life, the Manilla Shelf Life boilies are available in 12, 16 and 20mm sizes and in either 1 or 5kg bags.

The matching glug is made from a complex blend of liquid foods, including the same peanut protein and of course, the vanilla extract. With no synthetic chemicals or flavours added, this product cannot be overused! Though it was formulated to be used alongside the Manilla range, its thick, gloopy nature means it is ideal to add to any particle/pellet/spod mix.

The Manilla dumbbell wafters are made using the same, proven basemix as the boilies but with the inclusion of additional soluble attractors. They are also rolled in a slightly lighter shade of colour than the bottom baits – this is to ensure they match perfectly once the loose-fed baits have washed-out slightly after they’ve been submerged in lake water for a short period of time.

The Active Mix is a high quality blend of ingredients, featuring a large percentage of the original base mix and boosted levels of soluble ingredients to give far quicker attraction than any boiled bait could manage.

Designed primarily for bag/stick fishing, it could serve any number of uses but is best used for the former. Sticky recommend that the Mix is dampened down slightly with their Cloudy Manilla Liquid, this will help the fine powder hold bottom better and promote a prolonged release of small particles into the water column.

The dedicated Bait Spray has been added to the range as a supplement to the two other liquids. Due to both being quite thick and heavy, using them as a bait-soak on pop-ups and wafters is not advisable, whereas this is made from a much lighter liquid, meaning that your rig mechanics will be unaffected.

Created using the same two-stage process as their original Bloodworm pellets, the outer coating of the Manilla pellets contains Sticky’s exclusive peanut protein as well as high levels of soluble milks to leave a cloudy coating on the lakebed. They are obviously ideal for PVA bag work, method feeders and as an addition to a spod mix. They come in a choice of 2.3, 4 and 6mm sizes and 900g or 2.5kg bags.

As usual there are also a whole host of complimenting hookbaits. There are the White Ones and Yellow Ones, available as either pop-ups or wafters in 12 or 16mm and the ‘match the hatch’ Tuff Ones – a hardened hookbait that is only available as a 16mm.

All in all, there is something to cater for everybody as the water temperatures drop and we all start searching for that special something that will keep the bobbins dancing until the lakes ice over!

Mick Clifford