Nash | Scope Range

Scope Ops 4-fold Sleep System | RRP: £269.99 |


The Scope Ops 4-fold Sleep System reduces the underarm depth of your bed chair thereby considerably reducing the bulk of the largest item any of us take fishing and allowing it to be carried more easily. As with the rest of the range, it has been refined for 2019 and features the new camo pattern and a soft, peachskin mattress and fleece-lined duvet. It also bears a micro fleece lower section for extra insulation where many of us need it most and elasticated loops for the addition of the Scope pillow and Shroud, should you wish to complete the full set up. It has three, fully-adjustable legs with large, pivoting mud feet to ensure stability on soft ground.

Scope Transporters | RRP: £189.99 |


Another fresh bit of kit, the Transporters are a complete system, designed to carry everything you need for a session, bar your bed and bivvy. Available to suit 6, 9 and 10ft Scope rods, they feature three solid EVA pouches on the lid to protect the more valuable items of tackle. Under that you’ll find three compartments – the two at either end also have a zipped lid; one is your main tackle compartment, the other, a coolbox. In between is a space capable of housing any reels, while your rods lay on top, held in place by small pockets for the butt section and Velcro straps for the tips.

The shape of the Transporter is maintained by aluminium bars, while there are full length zipped pockets on the exterior to house landing nets, banksticks, retainers, plus your throwing and distance sticks.

While the shape may appear slightly cumbersome at first, it is only because of what we have become conditioned to in terms of luggage, and, in the near future, we foresee this becoming a very popular item on the bank. Not only will they mean you don’t require an engineering degree to load your barrow, they are also ideal for those looking to ferry their gear around larger venues using a boat.

Scope The Ops Ruckall | RRP: £149.99 |


The Ops Ruckall is brand new too, designed around the hardcore Scope ethos. Bearing the proven, original foldout Ruckall concept, once zipped apart, it reveals two spacious compartments. One side features a stiffened divider for your tackle and session kit, while the other can house clothing and has a one third-size cool compartment with enough space for a day’s bait and some food.

The bag has sculpted, padded and adjustable shoulder straps, which can be concealed behind a zip-out waterproof cover. Around the outside, there are eight loops with corresponding pouches around the base, these are for your banksticks and alarms, while there are also heavy duty buckles on the top/bottom to secure a Scope Ops Flat Mat.


Scope The Recon Rucksack | RRP: £149.99 |


The Recon Rucksack has been heralded as the compact star of the line-up. It has stiffened sides, fascia and base, meaning it is a completely freestanding unit. With the addition of elasticated loops in each corner and small pockets beneath them, it can function as a rod support system on concrete or hard ground.

Access is different to the norm too. The main compartment is opened via the rear using a zip that runs behind the shoulder straps. Once open, this again gives you a solid, freestanding unit to work from within the confines of a bivvy, or whilst on the move. A clever feature is that once undone, the rear lid can be folded in half and placed at right angles to the floor and, with the addition of a small magnetic tray, this negates the need for a bivvy table!


Scope Black Ops | RRP: £TBC |


This wouldn’t be a Scope review without mentioning the rods. There is a brand new Black Ops range. Built on high modulus blanks featuring a blend of 24 and 30 tonne carbon with a strengthening cross wrap and a 1K weave.

The fittings are the highest grade fitted to any Nash production rod, including ALPS ARD matte black reel seats, PacBay high stand-off Minima ringing, with 50 to 16mm guides on all 9ft and 10ft models in the range. They also feature an anti-frap tournament tip guide to help aid the smoothest casting performance of any Scope yet.

You can also expect to find carbon line clips, carbon back stops and matte black para cord butt grips to complete an incredibly modern, yet understated look. They are available in all manner of lengths and test curves, ranging from a 6ft 2lb, to a 10ft 3½lb stepped-up model.

There are also two other ranges of Scope rods to peruse. One with full shrink wrapped butt sections, as well as an abbreviated range with uprated 4½lb test curves.

One final rod worthy of mention is the Scope Snide! Available in either 2lb or 3lb test curves, this 6ft wand takes the pack-down concept to new levels with a remarkable length of just 20-inches when not in use. As well as being the ideal companion to be left in the car for those last minute opportunities during the regular season, it is also perfect for carrying in the corner of a suitcase should you be flying anywhere in the world that had blue on the map as you booked the holiday! Its pencil-slim blank is finished with a carbon line clip, matte black whippings, a Fuji reel seat and full cork handle. It comes supplied in a rigid EVA carry case.

There are a multitude of other bits and pieces on offer and we highly recommend you take a look at the Nash website to see what else their creative minds have come up with for the coming 2019 season.

Mick Clifford