New Direction | Tackle Spring T10 Bite Indicator

RRP: £12.99 each |


These lovely, carbon bobbins are definitely different to the norm and to try and describe their construction in full on these pages would take up far too much space. Suffice to say they’re worth further investigation on your part!

A fairly tall (70mm) mag-head houses a double extension arm that maintains a constant tension on your line at all times, giving greatly enhanced drop-back bite indication when fishing with a tight line, while still showing the slightest of movements when slack-lining.

The head comes supplied with its own Allen key, as well as a small extension to the rigid support arm. That part means that the unit is compatible with any bite alarm on the market, while the Allen key permits you to adjust the tightness of the magnetic ball clip inside, to suit your own requirements.

The line clip itself has a dual function. The line can either rest under the twin balls at the top, in the manner of a conventional hanger, or it can be slid down inside the head and clipped into place between the two soft ‘blades’ at the base. Whichever you choose, they’re both line-friendly and can’t damage it!

To view a short, instructional video, please click on to the website listed above.

Mick Clifford