RidgeMonkey | Connect Combi Steamer Tray

Connect Combi Steamer Tray | RRP: £7.99 | Online: www.ridgemonkey.co.uk

This caught our eye recently. For anybody looking to take their health-kick on to the bank with them, RidgeMonkey have come up with another great, simple idea. The tray fits snugly into their Connect Combi pan and does what it says on the tin, turning it into a steamer, allowing you to prepare fresh vegetables and fish in a super-healthy manner.

All you need do is fill the lower section with water, lower in the one-piece, BPA-free Steamer Tray and bring the water to a gentle simmer. The tray has three separate compartments, so by using the other half of the Combi as a lid, you can now have wonderful, fresh food using any heat source!

Mick Clifford