Solar Tackle | SP Bankmaster Quick Up Shelter & C-Tech Reclining Chair

SP Bankmaster Quick Up Shelter | RRP: £279.99 |


This is just one part of the all-new line-up of bivvies and brollies from one of our longest-running, UK manufacturers. With over 30 years’ worth of experience, Solar have summoned up all their know-how to create the perfect all-in-one shelter.

It is ideal for those looking for something with a compact footprint (250cm x 205cm x 170cm) while not sacrificing a lot of internal space at the same time. Our only hesitancy on that score would be that it is quite tall, so it probably isn’t best suited to the confines of a tiny swim on your local venue. That said, for those fishing a venue with a multitude of large, open, wood-chipped swims, or the man who goes to France once a year in the summer, this will be sumptuous! It can also double as a cook/social tent for those travelling as part of a group.

Despite its relatively cheap price tag, the Bankmaster certainly isn’t lacking in features. Constructed from their SolarTex material and featuring a twin-skin Rook, it will fight off all but the very worst condensation. It is very simple to erect too, using Solar’s EasyLoc legs, and a set of tension straps – the high-tensile aluminium frame giving everything a nice, solid feel and the square footprint allows plenty of room for anything up to two bedchairs, side by side. It has multiple door/vent options too, with one at each end, allowing maximum airflow if you are fishing abroad for the week.

C-Tech Reclining Chair | RRP: £129.99 |

Another fresh product for their 2018/2019 line-up, the C-Tech is a full-on, sun-worshipper’s chariot. Made with their luxury Dura-Dore air-pocket mattress, it has three pre-set reclining positions and is supremely comfortable and infinitely adjustable for any ground, thanks to their Spring-Loc leg system. It is supplied with a free accessory bag that fits to the frame on the side and is great for keeping keys, mobiles, sunglasses, etc. to hand and out of harm’s way. For those who fish shorter sessions and may need to consider carrying it down to the river, or around a smaller venue, for a day session, it weighs 5.45kg.

Mick Clifford