Wychwood | Brolly Pockets & Limited Edition Gold Spool

Brolly Pockets | RRP: £9.99 | www.wychwoodcarp.co.uk

Now these are sure to find favour with brolly users everywhere, particularly at this time of year, when you don’t need to be taking the kitchen sink due to fleeting visits to the lake where you may also be packing/setting up under the cover of darkness.

There are two pockets available, the smallest has a hammock-style system and is suspended, as the name suggests, from the upper spokes in the brolly. It isn’t particularly big but will house odds and ends, such as your receiver, phone, keys, a headtorch and/or a lighter – things that are slightly safer when tucked out of harm’s way or that need keeping bone dry!

The larger pocket stretches across the full width of the two rearmost spokes, providing ample storage for your bare essentials on a current, trendy ‘quick overnighter’ – food, bait, a hand-towel and a tub of pop-ups can all be squeezed in and held firmly in place by a more regular, elasticated opening.

Once in place, they can be left attached when you fold the brolly down at the end of the session. Just remember not to leave a baiting needle or a pair of sharp scissors pointing upwards when you do!

Limited Edition Gold Spool | RRP: £9.99 | www.wychwoodcarp.co.uk


As per the headline, for a short time only, Wychwood are releasing a Golden spool for anyone in possession of their Extricator 5000FD reels. Line capacity stays the same, so you can expect to get 300m of 0.28mm (or 173m of 0.35) mono on each one – and we have to say, they do add a touch of class when coupled with the matte black magnesium body of the original reel.

They are available in your local tackle shop while stocks last.

Mick Clifford