Solar Tackle | Multi-Functional Indicator System & Carbon Indicator Heads

Multi-Functional Indicator System | RRP: £22.99 |

Machined from a mix of Solar’s P1 stainless and aerospace-grade titanium, these are the most versatile indicator arms on the market today. Due to their clever and complex design, they can be adjusted to cover every fishing situation. The titanium arm features a knurled knuckle at the top that can be screwed shut or open to permit either a swinging or straight arm position. The aero-grade metal in the arm is incredibly flexible and durable. Solar’s unique ‘chain link’ double pivot point, gives a huge increase in sensitivity and sees that whatever indicator head you choose, it will always sit bolt upright so you can spot the tiniest of movements.

Each system comes with a 3¼ inch titanium arm, a P1 hockey stick grip clip, both 12mm and 14mm Strongarm line clips and a protective carry tube.

Carbon Indicator Heads | RRP: £13.99 |


These high grade carbon and P1 stainless heads are designed to complement Solar’s titanium multi-function indicator system, although they are compatible with all manner of chains, quiver and swing arms. They weigh 11g and are finished with a pair of white rubberised ‘pips’ in place of the more conventional ball clip. The tension on these can be altered by simply twisting the knurled base of the indicator head, lending them to a number of different styles of fishing, whether that be fishing bowstring-tight lines at range, or fishing slack under the rod tips.

They are supplied with a colour-coded white plastic ring that can be fitted under your alarm, or beneath your back rest, as well as a slot on the body that will house a 25x3mm isotope.

Mick Clifford