Solar Tackle | P1 STAGE STANDS & Inflatable Unhooking Mat

P1 Stage Stands | RRP: £69.99 |

Built to compliment the current P1 range of stainless from Solar, this precision engineered (complete) kit has everything you’ll need should you find yourself fishing a venue with wooden swims. They’re also very useful for those fishing canals and urban waterways, where there aren’t any grass verges available to use banksticks in a conventional manner.

They are supplied in a zipped, canvas case. You will find a front and rear stand, a drop-in buzzer bar attachment, a P1 driver and even three pairs of different length screws.


Inflatable Unhooking Mat | RRP: £139.99 |

There have been a number of these inflatable mats released of late. This one differs to most in that it comprises two pieces and has its own separate, self-inflating mattress. Coupled with the high, tubular, inflatable walls, this makes for the safest unhooking mat around.

Finished in a hard-wearing, heavy-duty nylon and with a thick groundsheet material protecting the base, this product should stand the test of time. It is quick and easy to inflate/deflate and comes in its own carry bag, complete with a pump.

Mick Clifford