Banana Rods | Cross 11ft 3½lb TC

RRP: From approximately £450 (at current exchange rates). Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery |

The last in the range of the Banana Rods line-up that we have had the pleasure of looking at, this, the Cross is a multi-purpose tool. Designed for short to medium range work, this 3½lb model has an optimum casting weight of 3½oz, yet is capable of casting 5oz up to about 70 metres.

As ever, there is an emphasis on the rod being a delight to play fish on, so the action is based around a powerful blank with a progressive action that is wonderfully soft when under compression. This, coupled with the extra length, make it a far more versatile rod than a 10 footer and while it will lend itself to boat work, it retains the capability to cast between 110-130m when coupled with the correct load.

The quality of the workmanship is incredible and the choice of reel seat, ring set and the carbon whippings befit a really high-end product.

Mick Clifford