PowaPacs | Lights

RRP: From £22.99 | www.powapacs.co.uk

Having been impressed by the power packs and solar panels we have reviewed recently, we decided to take a look at some of the other products within the PowaPacs range. They have a whole host of lights, with these four having the most appeal.

The Luxx is a fully waterproof unit, making it ideal for use around the swim. It also has a diffuser dome at the top, meaning that it casts a softer light across a wider area, meaning it is also great for lighting your bivvy. It has seven colour options that can be changed with the supplied remote, including red and green, which should save you attracting every bug in the area for dinner!

The standard Powalite is a more conventional shape, being a similar shape to many other strip lights that have appeared in recent years. It is a no-nonsense light with three options; red, white and SOS (a flashing white light that can run for 24 hours if the unit is fully charged). As with the rest of the range, it has a remote control and as per the other strip lights, it is supplied with a magnetic bar, allowing it to be suspended inside a bivvy.

The Powalite+ is based around the standard unit, but, it has the clever inclusion of a PIR sensor. This motion-activated light source means an end to scrabbling about looking for your remote in the middle of the night! The infrared sensor works on both the red and the white settings, which is very handy if you set it facing (the path to) your rods. The device will remain lit for 30 seconds after it senses that any movement has stopped and then turn itself off again.

Finally, there is the Powalite XL, which as its name suggests, is bigger than the other two. So much so, that it has a large enough battery to double as a charger for various USB-compatible devices if required. Once more, it has a remote control, so you can select which colour and brightness you prefer at the touch of a button.

Running times vary between the lights. The XL will operate for up to three days from one charge, while the slightly smaller Powalite and Powalite+ will run for up to ten days-straight, using the red LED and the lower brightness setting.

Mick Cliffordsecond