DNA Baits | Custom Cork Ball pop-ups

RRP: £TBA | www.dnabaits.com


Hot off the press from the chaps at DNA are these cork ball pop-ups. Available to match three of their most popular ranges – namely the Secret 7, Switch and SLK. There are approximately 35 baits in each tub. Each one is unerringly round in shape and designed to mimic the equivalent bottom baits in colour.

As usual, the baits are rolled using the exact same ingredients as the boilies, thereby emitting an identical food signal. They are created using cork dust, pop-up mix and a powdered blend of all the goodies found within the relevant base mix.

Unusually, each tub comes complete with a small sachet of silica to ensure that the baits are bone-dry and mega buoyant.

Mick Cliffordsecond