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US hook manufacturer Eagle Claw has added some new patterns to its premier Trokar range as it begins to widen its specimen product offering. Billed as ‘competition-level hooks’ the Eagle Claw Trokar range gained a fearsome reputation for performance in high-level US Bass tournaments before breaking ground in Europe with its professional range of saltwater and freshwater patterns. More recently, the Magnum carp range developed in conjunction with Reuben Heaton pro staff, has led the growth in brand awareness in the UK.

The latest Trokar pattern, the TK24 is a classic Octopus style hook, featuring a saltwater grade auto-catalytic plating finish and bolstered wire diameter. The TK24 provides anglers with a heavier option in the traditional Octopus style and complements Trokar’s current medium wire offerings of the TK400 and the TK503. Like the TK400 and TK503, the TK24 has a medium shank length with out-turned eye, with an offset beak style point as per the TK503.

The TK24 increases Trokar’s offering for medium to large freshwater species, such as carp and catfish, and sits neatly alongside the TK400 and TK503, as well as the recently launched Magnum carp range.

All Trokar patterns, including the new TK24, can be viewed on the Reuben Heaton web site at: www.reubenheaton.com/products/?_sft_brands=trokar

A list of retailers stocking Eagle Claw brands, including Trokar, is accessible via the following link www.reubenheaton.com/wheretobuy/?_sft_product_brands=trokar

If readers have any questions about the Eagle Claw branded products, including technical advice, you can contact Reuben Heaton via the following dedicated email: eagleclaw@reubenheaton.com

Mick Clifford