Fortis | Layering System

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As we enter the back end of the year, it will soon be time to start thinking about digging out a few extra layers to pack on the barrow just in case. Unless, that is, you have something like this – Fortis’ Elements outfit is a lightweight, technical piece designed to insulate you, regulating your body temperature during periods of high/low activity.

They are specifically designed to be worn directly against the skin and feature high-wicking moisture control to draw sweat away from the body.

Neither item has any seams for additional comfort when worn tight to the body, with the top featuring thumb holes at the end of the sleeves, whilst the bottoms have a tight, elasticated cuff at the ankle to prevent them riding up when worn as undergarments.

The above was written as a brief review in our October issue (CW337) – the following is a more technical (pardon the pun) explanation from Fortis themselves:

Targeting the ultimate prize throughout the cold months demands unwavering determination and upmost confidence in your gear. Stay protected and focused on the objective with the definitive layering system that’s built to resist the harshest of conditions.

The primary function of a Base Layer is not to keep you warm, believe it or not – it’s to keep you dry. And not from rain either, but from sweat. The Fortis Elements base layers are extremely high wicking which ensures that when you perspire, moisture is drawn away from your body, to stop you getting damp, which would otherwise lead to you getting cold too.

The Half-Zip Top and Bottoms in the Base Layer range are made from 225g/m heavyweight moisture-control fabric, which also keeps you nice and warm when you’re inactive for periods during the winter, when waiting for that bite. They are designed to be worn next to the skin and not over a cotton T-shirt!

The versatile nature of fleece makes it a staple for chilly days. Wear as a snug middle layer beneath a Fortis x Snugpakjacket, or a waterproof, or when it’s cold and dry out, or simply wear over our base layer top as an insulating outer jacket too.

This layering system allows you to quickly adapt to changing weather conditions. It regulates your temperature during periods of high and low activity and draws moisture away from your body to prevent you from becoming cold and uncomfortable.

Mick Clifford