Nash Tackle | The Pocket Pod, Indicators and Bankware

Bankware | RRP: From £3.99 |

Lastly, but by no means least, there is a full range of black anodised bankware now available. Constructed from high strength aluminium, there are two and three-rod fixed bars in both a narrow and wide fitment. There are banksticks ranging from 9-inches to 48-inches in length and capable of covering every eventuality. As a point of interest, the longer banksticks, those from 26-inches upwards, come with an auger point to aid getting purchase in the hardest ground and providing the sturdiest support. As with the Pocket Pod, the latest banksticks all feature a simple, twist compression cam lock for extension. And there are also dedicated Stage Stands, Stabilisers and Butt Grips to match.


The Pocket Pod | RRP: £99.99 |

The Pocket Pod is another item that is back by popular demand! It is ideal for use with any rods within the Dwarf, Scope and Sawn-Off ranges. In keeping with the rest of the Scope range, it is strong yet lightweight and offers maximum stability with a wide footprint and angled leg profiles. It has simple twist compression cam adjustment on all legs to allow for a quick, level set-up over most terrain.

The obvious key benefit to the Pod is its remarkable size in transit, measuring just 31 cm x 18 cm!

Indicators and Bankware | RRP: £10.99 |


Also hot off the press is a range of bobbins, banksticks, bars and a nifty little pod. The Nash Bobbin Kits come complete. Each has a lightweight acrylic head, an 8cm black chain and anchor brackets. There are also two-stage line clips with an O ring for fine adjustment whether using mono or braided mainlines.

There is a full range of additional accessories including cords, chains, drag weights, magnetic brackets and the awesome ‘Glow Pipes’ that allow the bobbins to connect to the fibre optic output of an R3 and light up the head.

There is a choice of five colours in two different sizes, matching the same options on the Siren alarms.

Mick Clifford