Nutrabaits | Winter Berry range

RRP: From £4.99 |


A fresh product and available under the Nutrabaits banner, these Winter Berry alternative hookbaits have a very distinct, familiar, yet hard to place aroma. The clue is in the name, obviously, but we feel they’ve got more than a hint of blackcurrant about them, as well as a little spice.

The pop-ups are available in two popular sizes – these being 12 and 16mm. There is also a dedicated wafter available too, these only being available as a 15mm. Both the pop-ups and the wafters come in a tub containing two mixed colours – white and purple.

To compliment both the above, Nutrabaits have also released a matching bait spray that will allow you to give your hookbaits a little pep up every once in a while. A friendly word of warning, the smell is quite potent, so we’d err on the side of caution and opt for the ‘less is definitely more’ mantra when using it!

Mick Clifford